Saturday, January 8, 2011


January 7, 2011 marked my one-year anniversary of living in New York City. Several topics circulated throughout my brain that night: accomplishments, defeats, friends, lovers, apartments, cities, etc. I couldn't help but reflect on change. Moreover, how relocating to NYC has changed me. Was it possible for a metropolitan city to dramatically restyle a person in just one year? Dramatically? Most likely not. For me, I'll admit it certainly has. As I celebrated my anniversary with a few close friends and my older sister, Kathrine, I made a mental list of how the city effectively reshaped Samantha Grace McCullough. And this is what I came up with:

(1) An above-average walking pace. My out-of-towner friends probably despise walking around the city with me since I (without realizing it) walk roughly five to ten feet ahead of them. Long legs aside, I completely forget about speed until one of my friends yells "Dude!"--resulting in an immediate halt and a dramatically slower pace for at least a few blocks until I resume my usual speed.

(2) Although not a health nut, I do aim to purchase organic or all-natural foods.

(3) Even more blunt deliveries. After studying abroad in France, my friends commented on a slight change of personality...sharper statements. Now, I'm beginning to believe it's not just the French, but more so metropolitan cities that modify this element of one's personality.

(4) Above all, I will admit the city's crave for fashion has conquered another. My overall fashion sense has undeniably changed since last year.

Without question, a bit of my personality is still visible in the clothes I buy. There are certainly clothing items I avoid and will continue to avoid. I loathe, for example, Uggs. But not Uggs by themselves. Oh no no no. Women who wear leggings with Uggs. I'm sorry...and what exactly were you thinking when you put that combination together today??? Of course, I have some dear friends who enjoy this combination and I simply do my best to focus on why I love them--THEIR PERSONALITY. Haha!! KISSES TO YOU ALL!

Other examples of unchanged style choices are similar to most women. Sure, models walk down runways wearing six-inch heals, but you won't find me strutting down Broadway or Fifth Ave wearing a pair. For those of you who know me well, you'd know socks aren't a must-have. Even in the winter, if I can avoid them, I will. For a case in point, just hang around my block on weekends and watch me walk to a bakery for bagels and/or coffee wearing thong sandals.

So what's changed?? While at uni (university), I was either preppy, sporty or a fusion of both. Nowadays, my style focus has too many adjectives: classy, chic, classy chic, modestly sexy, hippy, preppy and sporty. How did I attain such a plethora of adjectives in my wardrobe?!?!?!

After classifying and categorizing my attire, I couldn't help but think about the rest of NYC residents and how diverse style is in the city. I often get such a kick out of subway rides from Brooklyn to Manhattan just by noticing the style changes. Some mild entertainment for the easily amused.

All this, of course, leads me to a question for my readers: What adjective accurately describes your wardrobe?
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